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n_declinazio's Journal

Novizio Declinazio
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The year is 1995. The Triwizard Tournament is over, and everything has changed.

But while dark times lie ahead, not everything is lost. The Order of the Phoenix is being revived, and though the Dark Lord has returned, his following is crippled. For most, the only course they know to follow is to live their lives as normally as possible. Which is just what those at Hogwarts are trying to do.

A new school year is fast approaching, and despite a few new safety rules, things are progressing as usual. School supplies and new fashions occupy most young wizards' and witches' thoughts, and one new fad fits both bills: the computer.

Introduced into the wizarding world by the Muggleborns, the computer has caught on in popular even more quickly than in the Muggle world. They've been wired to run on magic, and their networks are secure from Muggle eyes. Hogwarts has its own network set up for its students and some watchful parents. However, even the greatest wizards don't know how to make something so new entirely secure, so students might be wise to watch their words...

This is an AU Harry Potter game set in the Trio's fifth year. Events in The Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince have not happened and for the most part, are not likely to.

Hermione Granger astute_hermione
Angelina Johnson angiewins
Harry Potter bedheadharry
Fred Weasley trickly_fred
George Weasley georgealicious
Ginny Weasley redlilsis
Ron Weasley ccannonsnumber1

Megan Jones huffletechgirl

Eric Bradley chaserbradley
Sarah Capper charming_sarah

Tracey Davis xinbadcompanyx
Draco Malfoy amarus_draco
Pansy Parkinson demandingpansy
Blaise Zabini blaiseisgod
Albus Dumbledore declinazio
Minerva McGonagall athousandworks
Remus Lupin sir_howlsalot
Severus Snape savant_snape

Sirius Black sirius_a_star

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